21 Jun 2017
by ignat

The third step of our training course for the programmers relies on the second-level program.

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The course is aimed at graduates of the school and students of the first courses of institutes and universities. This course requires the having of strong programming skills in any script language or a minimum of 3 months of passing the 2nd stage of our course with a successful certification program. A good knowledge of Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics is not mandatory for this course, but such knowledge helps to reveal the potential of the student more deeply.

This course is based on one of the most modern cross-platform languages with JIT compilation – Kotlin. This language is one of the best choices for studying modern frameworks of various platforms and Virtual reality Minecraft.

Once you create an application, you can use Kotlin to release it under the most of modern platforms. That allows you to open the potential of most of the entire market for your application. In this way, you can create reliable and stable fast applications in a short time and with minimal efforts.

Based on the result of studying the course, the certified student can quite claim the position of the middle programmer in a modern international corporation and on the condition of accumulating work experience from 2 years to the position of senior programmer.

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