21 Jun 2017
by ignat

This is the second step of our programming course for modern virtual and supplemented space frameworks.

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For admission to this course, at least 1 month of Junior program is required. The program is designed for very gifted programmers of primary school age and ordinary high school students 12-17 years old. The program includes the creation of full-fledged mini-games and quests of the server part and the use of mods for modifying the game process (crafting recipes) on the client side of Minecraft.



The program includes the study of the possibilities of the most modern Mods of Minecraft in the player role, development of strategic thinking and resource management skills using modern communication technologies. All these possibilities used from ready-made mods.

Also, program includes practical work in the Virual Laboratory for parents’ choice (Chemistry, Physics, Robotics). We created these modalities for our courses, based on our long experience of teaching in several technical universities in Russia, Morocco, SomaliaLand and Spain. We used in these cources the best intellectual technologies we worked with as employees in large international corporations like Samsung Electronics.

The program of virtual practical classes is strictly based on the school program and makes it possible to make up the material of the general school on an “unloved” subject. Since students like to spend time on computer games, this course makes it possible to use this time strictly in order to prepare for the High School test exams.

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