21 Jun 2017
by ignat

This course is aimed at ambitious of young programmers, who need a push to career growth among the Programmers of the higher league.

For admission to the course, you must pass an interview (generally similar to a technical interview with a major international corporation).

The course is built individually. The basis of the course is the study of exactly such technologies and tools, knowledge and skills of work with which distinguish modern Project and Tim-leaders from ordinary programmers.

The course includes some software technological nuances and recipes for achieving the project’s goal, which are used only by very experienced software engineers.

The course is built with the focus on modern hardware virtual reality technologies of ARM (VFP, NEON), AMD (SSE) and Nvidia (CUDA). Also, it includes modern open projects of Microsoft Corporation in the field of Artificial Intelligence on the Minecraft platform (remote study of customers using Big Data technologies).

For an additional fee, a special trainer with a certificate on modern technologies for software development (Agile) and management of the team of programmers is invited by creating micro-conflict situations in your work team.

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