21 Jun 2017
by ignat

This course is designed for children over 8 years old. We made it for those who already know what Minecraft is and have initial skills in the Virtual World of Minecraft.

The program is approved for approbation among children of different ages in USA, Spain and Russia. Children are very interested in the training process of important programming skills because it takes the form of an exciting game.

Minecraft for young wizard example

For children, this is a most effective way to achieve tangible results in the game in a short time.

For example, kids in age of 8 and 12 in the test during 3 hours of play mastered the basic commands of the Script (Extension of Java Script of the language for Minecraft), decor residential premises and exchanged virtual game resources in the process of bargaining with the virtual game character (Mob).

At the same time, kids master the skills of programming from the command line, programming of basic constructions in the JavaScript language, develope constructing and representing three-dimensional constructions.

Detailed information about the curriculum of the 1st stage of JS

In the game, we include stereo video for a short time (3-5 minutes). A more modern possibility is to use augmented reality devices from Microsoft, Oculus Rift, Samsung and modern devices from other brands. That allows students to compose their own ideas about modern technologies of computer visualization and stimulate additional interest in the future possible popularĀ and well-paid profession of the programmer.

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