The basic example for ESP8266-DEV with MOD-MPU6050

12 Jul 2015
by ignat

On picture new ready for use solution from Olimex for IoT.

Souliss – Hello World for Expressif ESP8266-DEV with MOD-MPU6050.

This is the basic example (, create a software push-button on Android using SoulissApp (get it from Play Store).

Load this code on ESP8266 board using the porting of the Arduino core for this platform.
And code for libs from Olimex (

This example makes it possible to recognize when someone touched any object, which concerns the sensor. It’s like a robot or a dog who guards your property, keeping his arm around the clock or fall on any subject you specify.

It is also possible to create a network of all sensors. Combining all sensors networked via a wired and IR or wireless information exchange. That is, you can control your TV or sound system or lighting or LED tape by SoulissApp or voice command.


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