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Coffee with sugar and milk can create physiological effects, adding speed to the avatar. To make coffee, you need to connect Coffee Miker. As described in ALCHEMISTRY V 0.6.1 & ACTUALLY ADDITIONS, our installations are sophisticated laser technology.

In Mainecraft, the Red Stone traditionally possesses the properties of transmission and storage and management of electrical circuits. Suppose that the authors hint at the ruby (page 971 of a chemical textbook), which is used in laser technology and bijou. According to the chemical structure, ruby is aluminum oxide with an admixture (0.5%) of chromium. Atoms of chromium are an active substance of a ruby crystal.

Chemistry Zumdahl, 7 ed. Houghton Mifflin Company Boston New York


Laser pumping

They are the amplifiers of visible light waves and the source of laser radiation. The possible energy state of chromium ions can be represented in the form of three levels (I, II and III). To activate the ruby ​​and bring the chromium atoms into the “working” state, a spiral lamp is pumped onto the crystal – pumping, operating in a pulsed mode and giving a powerful green light emission. These “green” quanta are immediately absorbed by the chromium electrons located at the lower energy level (I). The excited electrons have enough absorbed energy to go to the upper (III) energy level.

The electrons of chromium atoms can return to the ground state either directly from the third level to the first level or through the intermediate (II) level. The probability of their transition to the second level is greater than the first. Most of the absorbed energy passes to the intermediate (II) level. In the presence of sufficient intense exciting radiation, it is possible to obtain at the second level more electrons than remained on the ground. If we now illuminate the activated ruby ​​crystal with a weak red light (this photon corresponds to the transition from II to the ground state), then the “red” quanta seem to push the excited chromium ions, and they will pass from the second energy level to the first one. Ruby thus emits red light. Since the ruby crystal is a rod whose end surfaces are made in the form of two reflecting mirrors, then reflecting from the ends of the ruby, the “red” wave will again pass through the crystal and in its path each time will involve in the radiation process an increasing number of new particles At the second energy level.

Lasers based on vapors of alkali metals

Alkaline lasers on the vapor of elements such as cesium or rubidium. Such lasers can be pumped with semiconductor lasers. The energy efficiency can be quite high, such that a quantum defect can be small for typical pump schemes, where pumping from the ground state uses transmission with a buffer gas (eg ethane) to a nearby upper laser level. At the same time, the quality of the beam can be much higher than that of the pump source, so that such a laser acts as an effective brightness converter.


Thus, in the ruby ​​crystal, the light energy is continuously accumulated, which leaves its boundaries through one of the end semitransparent mirror surfaces in the form of a sizzling red beam a million times the brightness of the sun’s ray in brightness.

In addition to ruby, other crystals, such as magnesium oxide, topaz, uvarovite, neodymium solution in glass, etc., are also used as the active substance. There are gas lasers in which gases (for example, a mixture of argon and oxygen, helium and neon, carbon monoxide) are active substances, as well as semiconductor lasers. There are lasers in which liquid is used as the active substance.

Depending on the device of the laser, its radiation can occur as lightning-fast individual pulses (“shots”), or continuously. Therefore, pulsed and continuous lasers are distinguished.

In Minecraft laser switching in the Atomic Reconstruction can be done with the IR controller (about the same as for a conventional TV – MEDIUM STORAGE CRATE). IR blinker is made from one wooden handle or stick and crystal from Red Stone.

The first is the ruby ​​laser, and the second – gas. Semiconductor lasers can operate in both pulsed and continuous mode. Laser radiation has its own characteristic features. This is coherence, monochromaticity and direction. Monochromatic means monochrome. Due to this property, the laser beam represents oscillations of one wavelength, for example, ordinary sunlight is a wide-spectrum radiation consisting of waves of different length and different colors.

The selective effect of laser beams is clearly demonstrated by the experience with a double balloon. If you put a green rubber ball inside a ball of colorless rubber, you get a double balloon. When a ruby ​​laser shoots, only the inner (green) shell of the ball is broken, which absorbs the red laser radiation well. The transparent outer ball remains intact. The red light of a ruby ​​laser is intensively absorbed by green plants, destroying their tissues. Conversely, the green radiation of an argon laser is poorly absorbed by plant leaves, but is actively absorbed by red blood cells (erythrocytes) and rapidly damages them.

Atomic Reconstructor

For the production of coherent crystals in our game use the Atomic Reconstructor, which works through light of different frequencies (and colors), which affects the objects.

Coherent Structured Light Amplifier Ruby Crystal

The foundations of the physical foundations of lasers were posed by the German physicist A. Einstein and for these merits he received the Nobel Prize. He theoretically proved for the first time that an excited atom can emit a photon (a quantum of light) either spontaneously (spontaneously) or through an external driving force. Spontaneous emission happens when, the generated photons propagate in arbitrary directions and have arbitrary phases. And the second happens when a photon spontaneously emitted by an atom can initiate the emission of another excited atom. This process with a probabilistic nature, received the name as, forced radiation and it depends on the density of photons. In stimulated emission, photons have the same frequency, and the same direction of propagation and phase, as well as the photon that produced this process. If the density of excited atoms and photons is high enough, the process of stimulated emission predominates, and as a result, a laser effect arises.

Laser wrench

To remove any element, you need a special tool. It’s called the Laser Wrench.

Laser wrench

In addition to the laser coils of the resonance amplification of the photon flux in Laser wrench, steel is modified by the Atomic Reconstructor.

Atomic Reconstructor

How laser radiation changes the properties of materials

The effect of lasers on semiconductors is accompanied by thermal, thermoelastic, thermoplastic, electric and photoelectric effects. The absorption of powerful radiation from the region of intrinsic absorption of a semiconductor leads to the creation of a high concentration of free charge carriers and internal electric fields in the near-surface region, rapid and local heating of this region, the appearance of thermoelastic and plastic deformations therein, and at high radiation densities, even local melting Surface. The high density of electrons and holes generated by laser radiation, in turn, will significantly affect many properties of the semiconductor, such as diffusion and recombination of charge carriers, optical absorption, transport of impurities and charge carriers, etc. Laser radiation from the region of intrinsic or impurity Absorption causes charge exchange of impurity and other defective centers. Along with these phenomena, the absorption of light by vibrations by an atom (both impurity and intrinsic lattice atoms) can enhance these oscillations, increasing the probability of transition of atoms to the activated state. Such processes, stimulated by laser radiation, should contribute to the formation (or disappearance) of defects, the appearance of internal electric, elastic, temperature fields, and thereby the change in the rate of atomic diffusion, and ultimately the change in the properties of the semiconductor.

In addition, we need a gold-plated coil that is resistant to external influences. The gold coating provides resistance to oxidation and better electronic conductivity.

Gold-plated laser coil

Basic Coil

When we have all the components – we can assemble Laser wrench. Only a such wrench can disassemble the equipment and move it to a new location.

Dismantling the laser interface

Let’s transfer the laser power interface of the Atomic Reconstruction to our Coffee Maker.

Laser Power Interface

Select Laser wrench in the toolbar. Hover your mouse over the red emitter of our Atomic rekonstrukorom. And hold down the left mouse button.

Connecting Coffee Maker to the Generator

When you pick up the Laser Power Interface, install it on the coffee machine by pressing the Shift key and right mouse button.

Generator with laser power transmission

Click the mouse first on the emitter of the Laser wrench generator and then also on the emitter of Coffee Maker. Now the Generator on the second floor is connected through a laser with a coffee miker on the first floor.

Connecting coffee maker to energy

Cup for coffee

If you do not have a cup for coffee, then it must be done. It is made of ceramics, which is obtained by treating clay in an oven. Pottery for a cup can be obtained from ordinary stone. You have to burn CableStone in the stove and get Stone.

Cup for coffee

In coffee, when adding several pieces of Table sugar (The Sucrose molecule is a disaccharide combination of the monosaccharides glucose and fructose with the formula C12H22O11. – pages 514-515, 133,435, 923, 1034 of a chemical textbook) there is an additional effect of speed.

Sugar is obtained by the sugar cane crafting. From which we already get a crystal or a sugar head.

Sucrose formula

As can be seen in the picture from one sugar cane, we get C12H22O11 (12 Carbon tubes, 22 Hydrogen tubes, 11 Oxygen tubes). Put them in our Periodic System of Chemical Elements. As can be seen from the composition of the elements, Sucrose coincides with Cellulose, but differs in the shape of the molecule and in the number of atoms. In Sucrose, much more atoms are employed and it forms a more complex structure.

In addition, there is a difference between animals and man. A person can not digest coarse food, as Cows and other animals do for example. In animals, there are special bacteria in the body for processing coarse food. There are no such bacteria in humans.

What are the main components of delicious sport drink?

Let’s see what Sugar consists of. Let’s put it in Chemical Dissolver.


Sugar consists of Sucrose.


Sucrose is very soluble in water. Why the resulting solution does not conduct an electric current?

Sucrose is a structure of two components of Glucose and Fructose. We are talking only about one molecule of Sucrose. In sugar, Sucrose molecules form more complex structures.

What is the name of the C-O-C bond between the rings of glucose and fructose in a disaccharide?

In coffee, sometimes add a little alcoholic beverage for taste, which also adds additional properties to the drink based on coffee. Alcohol-containing beverages are made from sugar (pages 263, 891, 1010-1012 of a chemical textbook).

How is the name of the process when sugar is changed to alcohol?


Sucrose, glucose, and fructose; electrolytes, including sodium and potassium ions and water.
The sucrose molecules do not break up into ions.
The disaccharide formed from glucose and fructose by elimination of water to form a C-O-C bond between the rings, which is called a glycoside linkage.

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