Nether Fortresses

22 Jul 2017
by ignat
  2. MINECHEM v6

How to find Nether Fortresses

To start chemical experiments, we need to build a Chemical Dissolver. This chemical plant separates complex chemicals into simple chemicals. This chemical device is not possible to assemble without the Magma block, the main component of which is the Blaze Rod (the core of the Efreet), which can be obtained by fighting and defeating Mob Blaze (Ifrit). But these mobs only spawn within Nether Fortresses, which only exist in Nether World.

You can not spend a few real (and not gaming) days on the search for Nether Fortresses, if you correctly answer our questions in the Game, you will get Blaze Rod (core of the Efreet) two times the amount needed to build the Chemical Dissolver. Some of the questions are complex and you need to find answers in your Chemistry textbook.

Chemistry Zumdahl, 7 ed. Houghton Mifflin Company Boston New York


From the script of Diamod, we already know that many remarkable physicists and chemists (Tesla, Mendeleev, Plotnikov) found answers to their questions in a dream. Or rather, in a state close to sleep. In a transitional moment from waking to sleep or during awakening.

In ancient civilizations, such as the Tibetan, Persian or among the Tuareg, there are special techniques for controlling the mind during such human states, when the perception of the surrounding reality is minimal, when the senses of the person are not awake, unlike the mind.

Modern techniques can be found on the Internet for the key words “Hackers of Dreams”. Some researchers believe that in this way (through half-sleep) it is possible to visit other planets and other worlds. Monks in Tibet call it meditation. The Sufis in Morocco are also practicing such states and claim that during sleep they travel through other planets and communicate with other creatures.
Sometimes these creatures transmit technical (physical and chemical information).

Just in our time, many science fiction writers have written works with a similar plot. Look for example “Project Montauk”, which is a continuation of the famous story about the “Philadelphia experiment”.

So what is Nether World?

Suppose that this is information from another planet, which can be obtained through a special Portal, which also allows you to transfer physical artifacts (such as Blaze Rod – the core of the Efreet).

Let the civilization on this planet exist for a very long time. And now the ancient fortresses are filled with pretty valuable things. In themselves, the fortresses consist of the standard elements for Minecraft. But the very chemical substance of which are made, for example bricks, can not be found in the ordinary world of Minecraft (which is very similar to the planet Earth).

Blaze Rod (Core of Efreet)

One important thing for us is the source of energy in the form of plasma or fire concentrated in a solid substance (Blaze Rod).

Mob Blaze itself is very similar to the fortress drone, which generates plasma balls (in fact Blaze Mobiles are armed with plasma cannons).

Plasma balls, like Mob Blaze weapons, are also found on Earth. They are called ball lightning. They are obtained from a cold electric ion gas excited by a high frequency. The ball lightning moves due to a pulse of a special polarization of the electromagnetic field during the generation of ball lightning. In fact, it is a soliton wave, which has a minimal dispersion. That is, it retains its original form for a long time and moves without diminishing in size and not dissipating.

In physics, experiments are widely known to launch torus-shaped vortices in a liquid or gaseous medium, which, moreover, suffers a sufficient impulse. Energy is released in the event of a collision with an obstacle. Which can lead to the destruction of the obstacle itself.

What to take with you to the Nether World.

Before lighting the portal, I prepared everything I needed.

  • 2 stacks of Cablestone;
  • 14 blocks of Obsidian;
  • 1 stack of wooden logs of which I made a preliminary 1 stack of stairs;
  • The floor is a stack of metal;
  • 1 Fireside;
  • 1 Diamond Pickaxe;
  • Several stone and and metal Pickaxe;
  • Stock of food;
  • Plates for Mushroom Stew;
  • 1 Bed (which in no case can not be used in the Nether World – an imminent explosion will occur);
  • Snowballs – the more the better.

Obsidian we need to make an additional portal near Fort.

The first actions after teleportation.


If you teleported in an unsuccessful place (in the Nether World all the places are unsuccessful), so immediately as you left the Portal, I recommend paving a stone pad literally 5 to 5 blocks of stones brought with you. Do not wait for the attack from the air. Since Zombie pigmen harmless then as long as they do not try to kill them, then all dangers come from the open air space. It’s flying Moby-Medusa (Ghosts) that attack with fireballs.

Separately, I must say thank you for the wonderful musical background of the Nether World.

So right in the center of the site put the stone block and stand on it. Attach a ladder of wood to it from the side. Bouncing with a space, before hovering the cursor on the center of the block under you with the right click during the jump, substitute the next stone block. He also needs to continue the ladder. On Repeat this operation until about until you reach the land looming over you.

In the screenshot above in the upper right corner you can see the characteristic luminous blocks (Glowstones or Yellow stones with Glowstone Dust). At attempt of dismantle from them 4 light stones (Glowstone Dust) drop out. Of these, you can again design a block by placing a square 2 by 2. So in the Nether World, Phosphorus is extracted. If we use Chemical Dissolver for decomposition into simple substances, we will see that these stones consist only of phosphorus.


Phosphorus has a chemical sign – P. The ordinal number in the periodic table of Mendeleev is 15. Atomic mass of phosphorus is 31. Phosphorus has three levels of filling by electrons. Phosphorus in translation from Greek means light-bearing. Depending on the structure of the crystal lattice, the phosphorus can be white, black, red powder. When decay of organic residues formed volatile compounds of phosphorus, which can be the cause of the natural phenomenon – wandering lights. In the form of organic compounds, phosphorus is contained in the nervous, muscle and bone tissues of humans and animals. Organic compounds of phosphorus in the soil Phosphorobacteria are converted into inorganic – phosphates. We will consider that in the Lower World Phosphoric residues just appeared in the process of organic decay and in the course of time, as the stalactites hang in the Hollow Earth (Nether World).

In the household, non-poisonous red phosphorus is used in matches. The bertollet salt (KClO3) mixed with sulfur is contained in the head of the match. With strong heating without access to air, it turns into toxic white phosphorus. The crude white phosphorus is called yellow. It has a tetrahedral structure and the formula P4. This is a highly toxic and flammable substance.
Crystals of this substance can be collected in the Nether World.

Beware of Lava

Dip a little into the ground upward, pick neatly the space around. Beware of Lava, it spreads to a greater number of blocks in the Nether World and lava sources can occur every 100 blocks or more if you are unlucky. You should always be ready to run off to a safe distance at the first signs of lava. Lava in the Nether World produces a characteristic sound. In the chosen place you can put the Workbench and make a chest. Where and put everything you brought with you. Leave only the Stone pick and 1 serving of mushroom stew or 1 serving of cooked meat. To protect the safety around the trunk and workbench, you can build a stone case. Next you need to carefully cut the steps up to about 100 levels in the direction of the direction you choose. Usually recommend the North-South direction. But I chose the direction in the direction of decreasing the first coordinate (West).

You can find out your exact position by pressing the F3 key.

We get it!

Create a lookup tunnel.

Nether Fortresses – a very distinguishable in the distance construction. It has a characteristic size of 50 or more blocks. When the screen brightness is on, you can see it from a distance of 100 blocks.

Usually Nether Fortresses is located at an altitude between 60 and 70. We will move in a tunnel 2 blocks in size so that under us there is almost always 1 block separating us from free space. But do not descend below a height of 100 without having to go out to picking Mushrooms or inspecting the terrain.

Thus, in the process of building a tunnel, you can always open 2-3 blocks in front of you and look down trying to notice the Violet strictly rectangular and parallel structures or see the orange Mob Blaze (iftits) in the air below you.

I had to pass about 600 blocks until I saw the Nether Fortresses. If I chose the West-East direction, it would probably take only 200-300 blocks.

AFTER DETECTION Nether Fortresses

Nether Fortresses

Once you discovered Nether Fortresses. You should go back through the tunnel for about 50 blocks and start building an inclined descent. If in this place there is no solid ground to level 70, it is more convenient to move another 30-50 blocks back and try to reach the exit from the earth at an altitude of 10-15 blocks from the Fort level.

Bridge to the main spawn Blaze Mobs

At this point, you can explore the landscape around Nether Fortresses and decide how to bring the tunnel directly to the main road.

I marked the inputs and outputs and branches of my tunnels with blocks of Quartz.

Quartz marker

One of my tunnels was useful for suppressing the source of lava just above the road in Nether Fortresses. Another one for accessing the main Aqueduct, which led directly to the Mob Blaze (Efreet) Spawn. And I used one more branch to assess the situation from the side.

Another tunnel can be used for digging under the lava lake, which in my case is under Nether Fortresses.

Preparation of the expedition to Nether Fortresses.

Our camp in Nether World

Count on a long stay in the Nether Fortresses area. In order to provide for itself with all the necessities it is necessary to transfer all that is stored in the area of the first Portal to the place of the beginning of the descent from the tunnel to the main entrance to the Nether Fortresses.

To do this, I expanded the space near the tunnel and put a workbench, two large chests and a stove for steel smelting in a niche. I also built another portal already in Nether World but did not activated it. Before switching on, you must disable the old portal.

New Portal

Here we need a diamond pick. I draw your attention to the fact that it will be difficult to return to the old base on Earth after the activation of the new portal. Therefore, I advise you to transfer all the valuables to the repository in the Other World.

Then return to the method of your original spawn (where a stone platform and pillar was made). At the level of the Portal you can gently descend the stairs.

You can use the Portal to take everything you need from an old base on the Earth. And again go back to the post. With the help of Diamond pick, disassemble the portal in the Other World.

Climb the stairs and go through the tunnel to the location of things, descent into the Nether Fortresses and the new Portal.

Take everything that is necessary in caves on Earth – weapons, things, food, picks, wood, flint. Just grab the bed. Next, set the new portal on fire.

An unknown random place

The new portal will open a new transition to Earth in an unknown random place.

Nice place

Which will serve you as a source of food, water, wood and other necessary materials. Near the new portal on Earth, find the right place and put the bed.

New Bunker in Minecraft World

Now if you die in Nether Fortresses, you only need to walk from the bed to the New Portal and further down the tunnel to the main entrance to Nether Fortresses.

New Portal in Minecraft


How to defeat Mob Blaze (Efreet)

You need a bow with arrows or 7 snowballs or a supply of water. If you decide to use snowballs in a duel, bring them as much as possible. They are made using shovels and snow from high peaks.

Snow ball

All these things do damage to Mob Blaze. Can be used to attack the Golem or the tamed Wolf. But the last blow must be dealt yourself, if you want to get Blaze Rod (the rod of the Efreet or the energy of the guard Dron).


For a Chemical Dissolver, two efreet rods are needed. That is, it is necessary to defeat the two Efrites. It is easiest to do this near their spawn. When a small ifith in the cage begins to rotate faster – then there comes a time in which two ifrit appear. For one fight, 2-3 stacks of snowballs take place (16 each in each).

Blaze Rod

During the fight, there is no time to take screenshots. The battle is very fleeting. You have the opportunity to make a mistake only once. Since a direct hit, Blaze sets the avatar on fire. And after the second hit, the avatar dies. And we need to return to the site of the fight again by capturing snowballs. Or it is necessary to develop witchcraft and be able to cast a spell for 5 minutes of fire resistance.


Now you can select and order our cources!

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