30 Sep 2015
by ignat

With the assistance of the creation of the game ION The Game, we publish the data format (*.ion) from a space ion probe AIS/M (developed in 1961):


Name Meaning Example
nay Time and date of the current sensing Sat Jun 13 14:00:00 2009
StartFreq Initial frequency sensing StartFreq=1000
StopFreq End Frequency Sensing StopFreq=9000
StepFreq Step frequency sensing StepFreq=15
ZeroTact Setting the zero step ZeroTact=0
Impulses The number of pulses Impulses=2
Filter Flag enable filtering Filter=0
FilterLevel The threshold level filtering FilterLevel=16
Attenuator The initial position of the attenuator Attenuator=4
AutoAtt  Enabling auto-control of the attenuator  AutoAtt=1
 AutoTimer  Enabling auto-sensing  AutoTimer=1
 TimerInterval  Interval (min.) auto-sensing  TimerInterval=15
 nay  Start time and date of the sensing  OnTimer 05.45 13.06.2009
OffTimer  Time and date of completion of the sensing  OffTimer=21:52 31.12.2009
OutputPath  The path to save the file  OutputPath=C:\ais.out\130609\
 AutoScan  Selecting the pitch frequency sensing
(0 – fixed, 1 – at a predetermined pitch)
FixedFreqFile  Filename fixed frequencies  FixedFreqFile=ais_m.fff
 TimerRate  The time interval (s.) between readout  TimerRate=10
 HConstant  Constant metering delay of the reflected signal
(set during commissioning)

The length of the header may vary. Data following the title begins with 0x130 to 0xo14f. The data is the set of vectors. Each vector has a suffix 0x01 and the prefix 0x00. The prefix should be heading – two bytes of the current frequency in kHz, two bytes long compressed vector, two-byte integral noise or parity check. After a header followed by the data sensing vector. Compression is performed by a series of successive compression. Couple byte 0x00YY prefix 0x00 and index replay zeros YY. The sequence of zeros more 0xFF, apply the required number of repetitions. Not zero values are not compressed. Typically, each file contains a few hundred vectors. The length of the files *.ion may vary 10-70 kilobyte.


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