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  2. MINECHEM v6

The further notes use links to the textbook Physics, Pearson Education Canada 2009


Chemistry Zumdahl, 7 ed. Houghton Mifflin Company Boston New York


Alchemy as a kind of science appeared before Chemistry. At the courts of wealthy nobles, sometimes by invitation, the Alchemists organized their laboratories.

Modern Chemistry studies the processes of the cycling of chemical elements in nature. A good example is that a plant grows from a seed. The plant is a factory taking water from the soil and carbon dioxide from the air and producing proteins, fats, starch, sugar, vitamins.

The concept of the structure and hierarchy of elements used by the Alchemists exists in modern chemistry. In the DNA molecule, which is studied by biological chemistry, 4 levels of representation of structures (page 997 of a chemical textbook).

At each level, the molecule can be affected by changing physical parameters. For example, when heated, the protein from the egg changes color and becomes firm, and when it is beaten with sugar, the physical properties also change. If we put the whipped with sugar in the oven, we get a fragile biscuit. Initially, the protein does not contain a lot of sugar, but a person can add sugar extracted through the processing of sugar cane.

Part of the chemical reactions proceed much better with the presence of catalysts (special chemical compounds, accelerating reaction), electricity or certain physical parameters (pressure, density, temperature, volume, the presence of electric potential or magnetic field, ultrasound).

For example, in the known reaction of the chemical pendulum of Belousov-Zhabotinsky (self-oscillating reaction of Ferriin↔Ferroin), if the solution is frozen in a certain color phase (the viscosity increases), the chemical pendulum can be slowed down and accelerated by a magnetic field. Such an effect can be a key to the management of biological chemical processes.

Now produced a lot of artificial substances, which are produced from oil, gas and coal. It is from coal with the use of additional energy in Mod Alchemistry that we can get an artificial diamond identical to ordinary diamond mined in mines.

Let’s try to create a diamond using alchemical equipment. For this, the chemical element containing carbon (coal) must be decomposed into components. Select 8 stacks of 64 carbon and, if there is a Chemical Synthesizer, synthesize the diamond by laying them out in a circle.

It is necessary to divide the state of matter. Gaseous, liquid and solid. We also refer the fire to the fourth state – plasma. Fluid and gaseous substances are composed of molecules. Substances with crystal lattices (for example, quartz) consist of atoms (silicon bound chemically with oxygen atoms).

Are sugar crystals obtained from various sources – from sugar cane, from an alchemical machine or a sorcerer (page 25 of a chemical textbook) the same physical properties?

Modern machines for the transformation of substances and energy are constructed from ultrapure substances (substances in which the proportion of impurities is a fraction of extraneous atoms and molecules in which one millionth percent is not accustomed to 1/1 000 000). Such purity of the substance is necessary so that micro-phenomena such as the absorption of a photon become noticeable at the macro level. At this purity, no more than 100 atoms of a conciliation fall on one millimeter of the material. That is, we have no more than 100 crystal lattice defects. Deviations of the lattice from a regular geometric structure, with symmetries in several directions or axes.

That is why each alchemical machine consists of a crystal, a block of crystals, or rare minerals such as obsidian, which can be obtained only with the help of a diamond pickaxe (which takes 3 diamonds). For its work on the transformation of substances, most alchemical plants require energy.

Each alchemical machine must be connected to a Maincraft RF energy source.

Let’s consider devices more in detail

Electrolyzer (electrolysis cell)

On page 3 of the Chemistry textbook, you can see typical chemical equations for the Electrolyzer.

How many water molecules will be required to produce one molecule of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen?

Electrolyzer Crafting


Electrolyzer Control Panel

Electrolyzer Side


With the help of this device, it is possible to decompose metals in an acid medium by increasing the speed of movement of ions under the influence of an electric current. Requires 2 quartz blocks (8 blocks of quartz ore), 2 gold bars, 4 iron ingots and 1 piston. Better make at the same time 3-4 pistons, that need for some extra devices.

Piston Crafting

Chemical Dissolver

Chemical Dissolver Crafting

Alchemical solvent of substances or chemical cintrifuge. Allows the decomposition of any substances into constituent chemical pure substances. To build this machine you need 2 pistons, 6 ingots of iron, Magma block (4 Magma cream).

Magma Block Crafting

Magma Cream Crafting

Magma ball consists of Fire Powder and Rice Slimeball.

Fire powder

Rice Slimeball Crafting

To get the Rice Slimeball, you need a metal bucket that takes 3 ingots of iron. A reusable bucket can be used for milking cows, delivering water to a coffee machine, for transferring Lava to an oven or for a lava energy generator.

Rice Dough Crafting

The image above shows how you can prepare the rice dough for rice balls.

Substances in nature are not pure. Usually it is a mixture of substances. The type of mixture is different, for example a suspension or solution.

A good example of a mixture is milk, under a microscope it is seen that these are particles of fat floating in a liquid (p. 490 of the textbook on Chemistry).

In the mixtures, the physical properties of the individual substances are retained. Substances in a powder mixture can be divided if one substance is drowning in water and the other is floating, or if one is attracted by a magnet and a magnetic field is not acting on another substance (Page 26 of the Chemistry textbook).

Can you use a filter to remove sugar from the solution?

Chemical Combiner

Physical phenomena are those in which there is no conversion of some substances into others. The chemical combinator, in contrast, was created precisely for the conversion of certain substances into other chemical (alchemical gaming) pathways.

An example of a chemical reaction in Minecraft, if we take a tree and burn it in an oven, we will get coal. Wood burnt into water and carbon dioxide. In addition, in this reaction, after the energy spent on ignition, there is an energy release sufficient to self-sustain the combustion reaction until the coal is exhausted. Thus, with alchemical devices, more resources and more energy can be obtained than with conventional vanilla ovens or conventional crafting. Gas and impurities from mixtures are trapped in alchemical devices and form the side blocks of matter. By-products can also be used in a variety of chemical transformations of substances.

Combiner Crafting

Chemical Combiner

Combiner Control Panel

The chemical synthesizer of substances requires 1 diamond to build (using this machine you can make as many diamonds as you have enough coal and other materials containing it), 1 block Obsidian (if you build this device, you can generate any number of blocks of Obsidian, If you have the original chemicals for it), 1 Piston and 6 iron bars.


Diamond (Brilliant) consists only of Atoms of Carbon (on page 244 of the textbook on Chemistry one can look at the crystal lattice of a diamond).


The evaporator is used to obtain molecules of matter from the solution (not to be confused with the mixture) by means of their crystallization by evaporation of the fluid binding them. Or, in other words, the installation that carries out the process of the phase transition of the liquid heat carrier to the vapor and gaseous state by supplying external energy. If the process occurs on the surface – then this evaporation, if in the entire depth of the liquid with the formation of vapor bubbles – this is called boiling.

How does the mixture differ from the solution (page 25 of the chemistry textbook)?

The evaporator is simply a stone bath filled with heated water and covered with a concave metal container in which, under the influence of the energy of the heater (there may be fire or electric energy.) A microheater is well suited for a laser heater.
As a result of the operation of the evaporator, crystals growing from the solution poured into the vessel are formed on the walls of the metallic vessel.

Evaporator Crafting

Evaporator ready

Evaporator control panel

If you mix sugar with water, you get a solute. The sugar crystals can be obtained back from the sugar solution by evaporating the water. In addition, the taste is a sweet liquid.

Particles of sugar can not be seen in a sugar solution under a microscope. Since sugar is divided into molecules that are distributed between water molecules.


Mysteriousness of chemical reactions enabled the Alchemists to obtain money from patrons and form cults and occult teachings like Hermetic philosophy (pages 39, 40, 46, 47 of the textbook of Chemistry).

Can You photograph atoms and molecules (page 2 of the Chemistry textbook)?

The emerald tablet says: “What is below is similar to what is above.” Indeed, the lower world in Minecraft is similar to the upper one. In order to get into the lower world, you need to build a portal from Obsidian and start a burning reaction with the help of a flint.


To build the portal it’s requires 14 blocks of Obsidian and another one is needed for the Chemical Combiner. Total 15 blocks will be required for the construction of Alchemical machines. For the production of Obsidian, you need a diamond pick which will take 3 diamonds and one more diamond for the Chemical Combiner.

Diamond Pickaxe

Going to the Lower World for the Quartz and returning back

When the Portal is activated (ignited), the same Portal appears in the Lower World. The Lower world is necessary for the extraction of ordinary quartz, without which it is not possible to build an Electrolyzer. In the Lower World, a fiery jade rod is extracted from the Moba Blaze. A rod is needed for the construction of Chemical Dissolver. The Lower world symbolizes the special knowledge that the Alchemists received through magical revelations (or simply in a dream). For example, the history of the final form of the Periodic System of Mendeleev’s chemical elements is known, the scientist Mendeleev saw in his sleep (pages 299-301, 55-57, 875-876 of a chemical textbook).

In what order were the elements in the periodic table in the order of atomic masses or atomic numbers?

For 2 quartz blocks, 8 quartz nuggets are required.

Quartz is a mineral composed of silicon and oxygen atoms in a continuous framework of SiO4 silicon–oxygen tetrahedra, with each oxygen being shared between two tetrahedra, giving an overall chemical formula of SiO2. Quartz is the second most abundant mineral in Earth’s continental crust, behind feldspar.

Why are quartz crystals found in nature of different colors?

Quartz crystals are chiral, and exist in two forms, the normal α-quartz and the high-temperature β-quartz. The transformation from α-quartz to beta-quartz takes place abruptly at 573 °C (846 K). Since the transformation is accompanied by a significant change in volume, it can easily induce fracturing of ceramics or rocks passing through this temperature limit (pages 329, 446, 447, 878, 946 of a chemical textbook).

From our knowledge of periodic trends, we might expect SiO2 and CO2 to be very similar. But SiO2 is the empirical formula of silica, which is found in sand and quartz, and carbon dioxide is a gas, a product of respiration. Why are they so different?

The Lower World differs from the upper one in physical properties. So the Lava spreads there much faster and further. Therefore, in the Lower World, one must be on the alert. Also, when you go to the Lower World and exit the Portal, you need to mark the side of the Portal from which you left, you must go back to the Upper World exactly from the same side.

In the Lower World there are dangerous flying mobs – you have to be careful and I advise you not to go far from the portal itself.

Quartz ora

Of quartz, you need to make 2 quartz blocks for our Alchemy machine.

Nether Quartz

Block of Quartz

Obsidian Production


Obsidian or volcanic glass is a magmatic rock composed of volcanic glass with a water content of not more than 1%, a homogeneous volcanic glass that has passed through rapid cooling of molten rocks. The more volcanic glass, which swells when heated, is referred to as perlite.

Obsidian consists of:

Oxide Magnesium (page 58 of the textbook on Chemistry)
Potassium Chloride
Aluminum Oxide
Silicon Dioxide
And, possibly, other impurities on which the color of a specific obsidian sample depends.

For the production of Obsidian it is necessary to find a pool with lava. Stock up the flint, 10-20 buckets of water, and blocks of dried leaves. It’s also worth taking the Cabelstone with you.

Magma pool

In the pool, blocks with dry leaves are installed directly on the place of the blocks of lava and ignited by a flint. Observe the distance. It is better to stay away from blocks of lava, and fire. On the place that has been freed from the lava (it burns out with the foliage) water is poured. With equal probability, Obsidian or Cabelstone is formed. If you can not get Obsidian on the first attempt, try a few more times to repeat the procedure.

Production of Obsidian

Obsidian can be obtained only with a diamond pickaxe. For Diamond pick, you need three Diamonds. The extraction process takes 10-20 seconds to work with the tool. It is advisable to place a source of water nearby, in order that the extracted obsidian is not burnt in the lava, but was demolished by water or gravitated to the avatar. To produce 15 obsidians, you will probably need to repeat the production cycle several times.

Obsidian ready


White Quartz Ore 16 pieces
Ingots of iron ~ 1 stack
Red stone 3 pieces
Ingots of gold 2 pieces
Blaze rod 2 rods
Rice 6 pieces
Diamond 4 pieces
Coal 1 stack (64 pieces)
Wood ~ 1 stack
Cobblestone ~ 1 stack
Obsidian 15 pieces
Water bucket 10-20 pieces


The same
2 molecules of water.
Sugar can not be isolated from the solution by filtration.
In solution, the substance is fragmented into individual molecules.
Photographed can atoms look like blurry spots, and molecules as a combination of such spots.

For photography, you need a microscope – which can be found in mod Minechem v6.

Most compounds are colored, because the transition metal ion in the complex ion can absorb visible light of specific wavelengths (pages 946 of a chemical textbook).

Elements in order by atomic number.

That the differing abilities of carbon and silicon to form pi-bonds with oxygen have profound effects on the structures and properties of CO2 and SiO2.

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