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03 Jul 2017
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The further notes use links to the textbook Physics, Pearson Education Canada 2009


The further notes use references to the textbook Chemistry Zumdahl, 7 ed. Houghton Mifflin Company Boston New York


For hundreds of years, people have been interested in how the world works on our planet. But a systematic scientific approach appeared for the first time in the second half of the 17th century and at the beginning of the 18th century. Isaac Newton (page 127 of the textbook on physics) and Mikhail Vasilievich Lomonosov are famous for pioneering works in the field of natural sciences.

In what country was Isaac Newton born?

Newton devoted much time to works of optics and mechanics, and Lomonosov studied the law of conservation of mass and proved it chemically.

These works on optics and chemistry we implement in the proposed scenario of the game. Scenario covers a demonstration of the approach to study before the age of Newton and Lomonosov and the prototype of the form of future research in modern time.

In our scenario, there are presented devices known even in the times of Ancient Egypt (Electrolyzer, Battery), and devices not yet invented. The game begins with the creation of a tool for the future (which, according to the script, may have been available to the Alchemists of the past, such as Newton). This tool, depending on what object it is used to possess the properties of a sword, picks, ax, shovels, choppers.

Let’s fantasize what properties such a tool should possess. Probably, there should be the possibility of moving a center of the mass of the instrument. So at the ax the center of mass should be in the area of ​​the blade. The shovel should have a center mass approximately in the middle part of the handle, the sword of the part must be shifted to the guard that is between the handle and the blade.

Chopper, ax, shovel, pick are completely different in shape of the blade. Suppose that a universal tool can temporarily create a force field and, under its influence, change its form. Today the shape of the metal can be changed only in the melting process.

Two people dig up the earth with shovels of different shapes. One has a sharp end, while the other has a square, dull shovel for sand. (page 133 of the textbook on physics). Which shovel is easier to dig? Why does the wooden shovel in Maynkraft fail faster than iron?

Probably the approach is the same as for the transformer. So the machine gun of the army can be used as a firearm, like nippers , like a club or a stick, you can also use a slot machine with a bayonet knife as a piercing tool. In addition, the new warrior’s equipment includes a universal set of folding tongs, screwdrivers, knives, saws and nail files.

What is longer than the handle or blade of the wire cutter?


We will consider that our universal tool is a kind of knife for survival with additional nozzles and a special field generator that not only changes the molecular-atomic structure but makes changes in the physical properties of the tool surface, such as hardness, plasticity, flexibility and others.

Minecraft 1.12

This new recipe is immediately added to the Minecraft Recipe Book.

Once you have made a universal tool, better made of iron or more advanced materials such as diamonds, we can go for a walk and explore the neighborhood.


But I advise you to grab the shearing scissors, since we need to equip our place of residence and at least make a bed. Also, scissors are useful for collecting (cutting) leaves from trees. You need this foliage to destroy lava – to access the valuable ore of Black Quartz and Redstone. To destroy the lava. Just put the foliage in the lava on the foliage you can walk or set on fire and then the lava will be destroyed. You will also need a flint (Need an ingot of iron and silicon).

Walking is worthwhile during the day, as many dangerous monsters roam around the neighborhood at night. (For junior school age, we disable spawn monsters – this option is at the client’s choice).

Animals bring much benefit to man. Therefore, we must protect them. Every animal in our game has its own favorite dish. So Chicken loves seeds, Pig carrots and potatoes, Sheep and Cows love wheat. Wolves love bones. You can approach a cow with a metal bucket and with a right mouse click, if a bucket or stack of buckets is selected in the bar, you can fill them all. Each chicken has its own egg, which can be collected and used together with wheat and milk to make a cake and other dishes.

Which apparatuses on electricity are used to automatically obtain milk from cows?

If you feed (with the right mouse click on the selected food) in one place at once two sheep or two cows, they will immediately multiply and the cubs will appear. You can also type colors of different colors, you can straighten the colors on the fly and right-click on the dye, you can paint the lambs in colors that you can collect.

What color is Copper Sulphate? (Page 60 of the textbook on Chemistry)
What kind of flower should I choose to color the lamb in the color of Copper Sulphate?

In our game there is a device – an automatic feeder for animals. That is, you can build a corral, lure the animals and make an automatic feeder. After that, animals start to reproduce themselves, you will only need to serve food from the automatic farm. Any things (including food) can be redistributed between chests and containers automatically. But for this, you need to set up remelies to collect and teleport materials and things.

In addition, if you see the following plants on the journey (page 1,485 of the Chemistry textbook) – collect them. From them you can make coffee, fuel, food, threads, dyes. Seeds that fall out during the collection of plants can be used in the future on an automatic farm of plants and animals.

What do plants consume?
What do plants produce?
What do animals consume?



The plant Canola (Rapes), from it is squeezed out oil and then the diesel fuel is made. Canola is a low-erucic acid edible vegetable oil made from rapeseed and, in smaller volumes, technical turnips, as well as crops, modern Canadian varieties and Brassica campestris with a reduced erucic acid content.

Canola seeds

This is how Canola seeds look like.

Coffee plant


This coffee plant, it needs to collect and plant the seeds. Coffee beans and coffee plant seeds will be needed to build a Coffee Machine and make coffee. Good coffee will give us the ability to run fast and long and other extraordinary abilities.

Coffee Beans



This plant is widespread in the North of Russia. Traditionally in Russia, flax was made clothes.

Flax Seeds

So the threads and seeds of this plant look after we have collected them.



Near the Sugar Cane (from which you can get sugar or make a papyrus for the book) on the right is the rice.

Rice Seeds

Rice is for eating. Also, rice can be useful for building the most important alchemical machine that divides any chemical compounds and physical materials into elementary chemical components.

Canola Seeds Craft

If you do not have rice or rape seeds, but there are fruits of the plant, then the seeds can be obtained through the harvesting of the crop.

Alchemical devices require energy

Energy can be of various origins: chemical, mechanical, atomic, electromagnetic. Energy generators are devices that are capable of processing various types of matter into different types of energy (300 page of the Physics textbook).

What is the name of the energy of the water falling from above downwards or the energy of the trolley descending down the inclined rails?

Oil Generator

The main sources of energy in our game are coal, lava, sun and canola oil (it can be considered a prototype of diesel fuel synthesized from vegetable oil).

Solar Panel

Solar panels are now widely used all over the world. They use the energy of photons that fly from the Sun and accelerate the motion of electrons in a semiconductor. We can use the solar panels in the game as an energy generator.

Coal Generator

We can start using a coal generator that will give energy to our alchemical machines. Such a simple generator on the coal can be a steam turbine connected to a dynamo. Or it can be a piece of metal of complex structure to provide resonance and pumping, which as a result of heating in the plasma (fire on coals) begins to generate current due to the release of surface electrons. In this game we do not discuss the internal arrangement of the generator on the corner, we just use it as a black box. We are aware of the external properties of this box, we feed coal into it and get energy.

The trolley moves between the two mines, diving under the lava, as the descent and ascent is sharp, if you do not apply the impulse, the trolley starts to drive back and forth and stops at the very bottom under the lava. What is the type of energy called the maximum energy at the lowest point of the trajectory along which the rails are laid (page 302 of the textbook on physics)?

There is also a generator of the future generator, which generates energy through the annihilation of tree foliage. In our game there are devices that have not yet been invented, then our generator with a special additional device can transmit energy through the air.

We also have special interfaces for quantum teleportation of energy and things. Einstein’s 1905 physicist described the hypothesis of the equivalence of mass and energy with allowance for the velocity of the electrons. Einstein rightly assumed that since all the bodies consist of atoms and electrons and the molecules they formed, then we can apply laws valid for the crystal surface on a very small scale (angstroms are a unit of measure the size of a chain of about a dozen atoms), can be applied to the macroscopic bodies and systems of the planetary Size. Such as our Sun and Planets.

As a hypothesis, we can assume the possibility of representing the structure of a physical object on a thinner medium, such as the quantum states of individual photons and the transmission of this information to distant distances very quickly, almost instantaneously with further restoration of the object in a new location.

These technologies use some devices from our game

Our complex generators and machines can be controlled with a toggle switch, buttons and remot control (like the one you use to control the TV – or a redstone flashlight that is crafted from a stick and a crystal of red stone).

In this game we will use the power generator to connect the Coffee Maker (Large Office Coffee Machine). In order to assemble a coffee machine, you first need to procure resources or you can buy them through a magnetic card (if you do not want to spend your time collecting resources, but prefer to transfer the order for resources to other people).

Finances in the game

If you transfer 100 game coins, you will receive two large boxes with all the necessary parts for all alchemical machines, generators and all the necessary resources and chemicals in a double size. Surplus can be sold or exchanged with other players.

If you do not want to collect devices on your own, for 150 game coins you can make an order not only for materials but also for assembly and installation in the place specified by you.

You can leave a request for materials in the form of feedback in the Contacts section, please indicate your email address so that we can inform you that the order is ready and coordinates (you can see it by pressing the F3 key during the game) on our server where you would like to receive it. The necessary resources in the most capacious container with a liner for another movement of the entire set.

When you climb a mountain in Minecraft or move on a surface, you press the W key. If you do not press this key, the avatar stops. In which case does the avatar in Maincraft do the work (page 306 of the Physics textbook)?

If you press Ctr-W Avatar runs faster, but hunger also increases. Where is the energy spent stored after Avatar gorged on his fill (page 820 of the Physics textbook, page 4 of the textbook on Chemistry)?

The instruction how to get, collect and grow all the necessary resources for a coffee machine (for those who like to do everything themselves)

Coffee Maker

To make a coffee machine, in addition to Black Quart, 2 basic coils are required, each of which requires 1 black quartz and 4 crystals of red stone.

Basic Coil

From the point of view of semiconductor technology, the division of the science of physics, which studies how to create semiconductor chips – Black quartz is closest to the quartz furnace, which is required for roasting the chip. The furnace body is made of quartz because it is a material that can withstand considerable temperatures and not give impurities in the air, which is important for semiconductor manufacturing technology.

Another application of quartz is a natural natural pendulum. Electrons in a solid quartz crystal because of its strict lattice and physical characteristics associated with the size of a quartz crystal. To obtain crystals with special properties (such as the extracted working frequency of the natural oscillations of the crystal or the special form of the refractive index and reflection coefficient tensor), the Atomic Reconstructor is used from the ordinary ore in the game. The Atomic Reconstructor makes it possible to make from one polycrystal (substances from microcrystals with different orientations) one single crystal with explicit anisotropic properties. Such a crystal can work as an energy store in the pulsed mode, or as a converter of properties of the energy wave in a continuous mode. Atomic Reconstructor, in fact, allows you to create things from ordinary, not expensive materials with very special properties.

Restonia Crystal

In Mainecraft, the Red Stone traditionally possesses the properties of transmission and storage and management of electrical circuits. Suppose that the authors hint at the ruby, which is used in laser technology and ornaments. According to the chemical structure, ruby is aluminum oxide with an admixture (0.5%) of chromium. Atoms of chromium are an active substance of a ruby crystal.

Atomic Reconstructor

For the production of coherent crystals in our game use the Atomic Reconstructor, which works through light of different frequencies (and colors), which affects the objects.

The Atomic Reconstructor changes the properties of the crystal at the level of organization of fields around atoms and lattice structures composed of Atoms.

In this game, we do not consider in more detail the principles of operation of modern power plants with laser pumping in continuous and pulsed modes. It is enough to know that the Atomic Reconstructor changes the lattice properties mainly on the surface of the crystal. The stretched shape of the crystal can symbolize a slightly modified refractive index of the incident wave at different angles.

Thus, the base coil refers more to laser technology, and the channels of passage of charge carriers are induced directly by means of the Atomic Reconstructor. As you can see, this technique does not use traditional wires.

Iron Casing

It is known that the traditional coffee machine consists of a compartment for coffee beans, a built-in thresher, a filter that detains large parts of the well ground coffee, but passes the heated water (which is also fed to the coffee maker) with a slurry (Suspension, slurry is a mixture of substances where The solids are distributed in the form of tiny particles in a liquid substance in a suspended state). Separately in the Coffee Maker sugar and milk are placed.

A typical home coffee machine contains dried coffee in capsules, the water is heated by heating a thermo-element built into a metal water tank, volume with a small cup of coffee and a control system on simple electronics. Electronics monitors the proper level of water heating and does not allow overheating of the heater, and turns off the heater if there is no water in it.

Void Crystal

Coffee maker in our game is much more technologically. It contains two coherent laser energy converters, one Void Crystal (apparently analogous to a Black Diamond) and a metal casing (Iron Casing – in the picture next to it). A metal casing or casing is also required for an Atomic Reconstructor, and an Energy Generator on coal. Thus, only for the production of coffee machines we need three enclosures.

If we build Alchemistry machines, they also need an energy generator. Therefore, it is better to prepare 3-5 metal cases for all types of machines, which we plan to create in our game. And at least 9 blocks of black ore will be needed for one Void Crystal (Black diamond). As we see the minimum number of blocks of the Black Quartz ore is obtained equal to 14-15 blocks.

To get this ore you need to go deeper to level 11 to Y coordinate and carefully pass the horizontal shaft. You need to fear lava if you hear a characteristic sound of lava, or even more you see run back. The lava spreads slowly and into a limited number of blocks.

Thus, when drilling a mine, try to keep the maximum distance when removing the next block and always start from the top layer of the blocks (so there is less chance that the lava will pour through the lower layer of blocks).

The ore of Black Quartz is mined with a iron brush or a universal iron tool. The penetration itself is made only by stone pickax. One horizontal shaft requires approximately 3 stone picks and 1 universal tool. To deepen to level 11 blocks, 2 more stone picks are needed. The universal tool requires 11 ingots of iron. Each body requires 4 ingots of iron. On 5 buildings 20 ingots of iron are required. At the Atomic Reconstruction requires 4 more ingots of iron and 4 cinnamon stones.

The minimum number of ingots of iron for the production of coffee machines, taking into account the costs of the Atomic Reconstruction and instruments of the order of 25.

For each basic Ruby Coil (they need 2) we need 4 redstones converted by the Atomic Reconstruction. The Atomic Reactor itself contains 4 redstones. The minimum amount of Redstone is 12 pieces, but it is better to take it with a margin. Redstone in sufficient quantities can be found in the process of hunting for the ore of Black Quartz. Redstone is extracted by a iron tool, namely a pickax. Just Redstone can be obtained by universal tools.

To configure an Atomic Reconstructor, you may need a special key, which is also used for tuning laser systems for teleportation things and energy.

История происхождения и свойства черного бриллианта

Void Crystal (Black diamond) is simply an estimate of the cost of production of the main part of the coffee maker. We can assume that at the base of the main working part, in addition to the metal case, a synthesizer of flavoring substances is used, it is for this purpose that the coffee grains themselves are needed for the coffee maker.

Artificial diamonds (on page 179 of the textbook on Chemistry you can look at the crystal lattice of diamond) can be synthesized from ordinary coal, but for this it is necessary to build several Alchemical machines.

An artificial diamond can be exchanged for black with an engineer in his house. The engineer can be distinguished from the usual inhabitants of the village along a large house with equipment, on points and color robe.

Another way to extract a black diamond is to look for and mine the ore of black quartz from which you can get a black diamond through a clear structure (see picture with the name Void Crystal). Since the ordinary ore from which ordinary diamonds are mined is more common, the deal to buy a finished black diamond seems to be profitable.

An indicative list of the necessary resources for the construction of Coffee Machines

Black Quartz Ore 14 blocks
Ingots of iron 25 pieces
Red stone 12 pieces
Coal 1 stack = 64 pieces
Wood ~ 1 stack
Cobblestone ~ 1 stack
Cocoa beans More than 1 heap
Lava bucket with 3-5 buckets

Black Quartz Ore 14 pieces
Ingots of iron 25 pieces
Red stone 12 pieces
Coal 1 stack (64 pieces)
Wood ~ 1 stack
Cobblestone ~ 1 stack
Cocoa beans More than 1 heap
Lava bucket 3-5 pieces

Until we build an energy generator on oil from Canela, because it requires more resources. Such a generator is advantageous considering the possibility of constructing an automatic farm that will produce Canela fruits without the player’s participation and move them to a press that squeezes out the oil, which will be converted into fuel and converted by means of a generator into Minecraft RF energy.

Answers (all answers can be found in the textbooks on Chemistry and Physics on the above pages):

Newton was born in England.
Pliers have longer grips than blades.
It’s easier to dig a sharp shovel.
The wooden shovel is less sharp and less durable.
Electro-milking machines are used for automatic milking of cows.
Copper sulphate has the color of Orchid in Minecraft.
Plants consume water and carbon dioxide.
Plants produce – proteins, fats, starch, sugar, vitamins (rice, canela, potatoes, sugar cane, apple).
Animals consume – proteins, fats, starch, sugar, vitamins.
The energy of the falling water and the traveling trolley is called – Potential.
The maximum energy at the bottom of the trolley trajectory is called the Kinetic.
The Avatar does the work when the key is held.
Chemical energy from food is converted into energy that is spent on the performance of work on the rapid movement of the Avatar in Minecraft.

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