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10 Dec 2015

OpenCPN for A20

We continue with yachts automation. For our device A20 , we make a package OpenCPN.

OpenCPN User Manual with pictures can be found here. Possible use that device by VNC Viewer with Android SmartPhone.

Right on our device you can placed detailed sea maps for all navigable waters.

This Chart-Plotter-Navigator for Yacht with the ability to connect the AIS. For this device, there plugin, which works with low-cost receiver to be connected to the antenna VHF.


08 Dec 2015

NodeRed and zyGrib apps

For our new customers, we have adapted our device a20 for the yacht. Now, it can not only manage multiple switch devices like ESP8266-EVB-BOX through the MQTT server, 2015-12-08_13.35.23

but also to download weather broadcast and predict marine weather around the world for 3 days ahead. 

05 Dec 2015

MQTT – server

We launched MQTT server for our customers in Germany.

The picture of our demonstration unit, which operates as a directly to unit (20-35m),  through a local WiFi internet and via global networks without changing the settings of the home routers, thanks to our new server MQTT.

We recommend the following management application:

MyMQTT and MQTT Client

The our MQTT server is available only for our customers.IMG_20151205_115303s

30 Sep 2015


With the assistance of the creation of the game ION The Game, we publish the data format (*.ion) from a space ion probe AIS/M (developed in 1961):


Name Meaning Example
nay Time and date of the current sensing Sat Jun 13 14:00:00 2009
StartFreq Initial frequency sensing StartFreq=1000
StopFreq End Frequency Sensing StopFreq=9000
StepFreq Step frequency sensing StepFreq=15
ZeroTact Setting the zero step ZeroTact=0
Impulses The number of pulses Impulses=2
Filter Flag enable filtering Filter=0
FilterLevel The threshold level filtering FilterLevel=16
Attenuator The initial position of the attenuator Attenuator=4
AutoAtt  Enabling auto-control of the attenuator  AutoAtt=1
 AutoTimer  Enabling auto-sensing  AutoTimer=1
 TimerInterval  Interval (min.) auto-sensing  TimerInterval=15
 nay  Start time and date of the sensing  OnTimer 05.45 13.06.2009
OffTimer  Time and date of completion of the sensing  OffTimer=21:52 31.12.2009
OutputPath  The path to save the file  OutputPath=C:\ais.out\130609\
 AutoScan  Selecting the pitch frequency sensing
(0 – fixed, 1 – at a predetermined pitch)
FixedFreqFile  Filename fixed frequencies  FixedFreqFile=ais_m.fff
 TimerRate  The time interval (s.) between readout  TimerRate=10
 HConstant  Constant metering delay of the reflected signal
(set during commissioning)

The length of the header may vary. Data following the title begins with 0x130 to 0xo14f. The data is the set of vectors. Each vector has a suffix 0x01 and the prefix 0x00. The prefix should be heading – two bytes of the current frequency in kHz, two bytes long compressed vector, two-byte integral noise or parity check. After a header followed by the data sensing vector. Compression is performed by a series of successive compression. Couple byte 0x00YY prefix 0x00 and index replay zeros YY. The sequence of zeros more 0xFF, apply the required number of repetitions. Not zero values are not compressed. Typically, each file contains a few hundred vectors. The length of the files *.ion may vary 10-70 kilobyte.


I3_2 8huuiblkumk.jpg-nggid044616-ngg0dyn-640x480x100-00f0w010c010r110f110r010t010

25 Sep 2015

Physical simulation

I’ll try to explain the idea in more detail: Possible use equations on simplicial meshes is developed based on discrete exterior calculus (DEC). It is use discretization on simplicial complexes such as triangle and tetrahedral meshes. Method is the use of an algebraic discretization of the contraction operator and a combinatorial discretization of the wedge product. Also develop a discretization for spatially dependent Hodge star that varies with the permeability of the medium. Equations of any physical process automatically are first rewritten using the exterior calculus notation. We change differential operators by the exterior derivative, Hodge star and wedge product operators. Discrete operators based on the python framework.

As a result, our calculations are reduced to the multiplication cycle of our data into two-three the matrices are calculated for each time point. Each element of the matrix connected to the finite element of the object (part of engine). The key point is that all steps are automated and the algorithm calculates and physical fields too.

IMG_20150903_122212s IMG_20150815_210929 IMG_20150814_201338

The center of mass can be regarded as a dipole field. Enter additional space for this point of the center of mass. And to build additional space graph of incidence between the parts. Depending on the weight of the edges of the graph (in the topology and metric of the dual space) decisive influence or not parts of system.

An exemplary dual space of the landscape can be calculated in advance.

12 Jul 2015

The basic example for ESP8266-DEV with MOD-MPU6050

On picture new ready for use solution from Olimex for IoT.

Souliss – Hello World for Expressif ESP8266-DEV with MOD-MPU6050.

This is the basic example (https://github.com/souliss/souliss/tree/friariello/examples/Olimex/e05_Olimex_ESP8266-EVB_MOD-MPU6050), create a software push-button on Android using SoulissApp (get it from Play Store).

Load this code on ESP8266 board using the porting of the Arduino core for this platform.
And code for libs from Olimex (https://www.olimex.com/Products/Modules/Sensors/MOD-MPU6050/resources/MOD-MPU6050_arduino.zip).

This example makes it possible to recognize when someone touched any object, which concerns the sensor. It’s like a robot or a dog who guards your property, keeping his arm around the clock or fall on any subject you specify.

It is also possible to create a network of all sensors. Combining all sensors networked via a wired and IR or wireless information exchange. That is, you can control your TV or sound system or lighting or LED tape by SoulissApp or voice command.


14 May 2015

New version software and development kit for ESP8266-EVB


El set para es de 43,31 Euro.

+  Software para elegir ( soulissESP8266_Relay_Board o Olimex_microflo )

New software ESP8266_Relay_Board  for ESP8266-EVB include:

  • Option for on-board power supply
  • Up to three high quality 10A relays
  • Powered by the WiFi ESP8266 SoC module
  • HTTP API to control the relays
  • MQTT support
  • NTP for network time
  • HTTP daemon settings, including security/authentication setup
  • HTTP UI for configuration and control
    • Thermostat function with weekly scheduling
    • Manual relay control
  • Broadcast using HTTP GET to services like ThingSpeak and emonCMS
  • Integration with ThingSpeak for charting/analytics visualization
  • Temperature sensor support
    • DS18B20
    • DHT22

With a very convenient and reliable cable, you can refine and refresh yourself any changes to the code ESP8266.

Some detail about settings of the code:



14 May 2015

A20-OLinuXino-LIME for Video stream

IMG_20150514_103048 IMG_20150514_103312

Only the best for the price and the performance and dimensions the professional equipment for our customers.


We tested the new cost-effective solution based on dual-core ARM processor A20. The price of this kit with pre-installed software and fully tuned account in the cloud – 200 Euro.

The maximum distance between the two cameras 10 meters.

Independent power from 3 to 11 hours, depending on the battery. No need battery charger. The charger is integrated into the device itself, which has a size smaller than a palm.


The high-performance camera with a microphone capable of delivering compressed video and mjpeg  and H.264 digital TV standard stream broadcasting at the same time.

The device has a pre-installed complete Debian GNU/Linux operating system, remote desktop VNC, Video play VLC, MPStream, GNUPlay. It is supported connection to HDMI or LCD screens.

GNU/Linux Debian images include the hardware encoding support for the cameras!


Ability to connect an external hard drive by SATA interface.

Available the kit with WiFi and one camera for mounting without wires or for covert surveillance.

Linux Industrial grade single board computer with GPIOs capable of operating at -25+85C.

All equipment is manufactured in European factories and comes with full documentation on open hardware and free open source software.

2-year warranty without damage from people.

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