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19 Mar 2015

Permanent presentation of our products in Spain

In the Spain near location of our software center in the craft store (http://ferreteriazoko.com/) we opened the presentation of our products. Exhibition and demonstration includes solutions for WiFi control home devices through a mobile phone, a sample of pilot outlet managed via WiFi, modules and sensors with UEXT interface (https://www.olimex.com/Products/Modules/). We put up to show the digital camera that stores the image data in the cloud and makes direct stream video broadcast through Internet.


To the left of the stand with lamp is a mobile phone. This phone anyone store customers can test (switch light by WiFi) the performance of our devices.

IMG_20150319_112036 IMG_20150319_112003

The source code of our program management module, can be taken here: https://github.com/Ignat99/Android-Evaluation


The source code for WiFi module : https://github.com/Ignat99/ESP8266/tree/espain




23 Feb 2015

Prototype 3



One of the most perspective of our developments – electrical outlet with switch and USB port for portable devices charging. Could be installed instead of the standard wall outlet and controlled remotely by Wi-Fi and via built-in scripts.


23 Feb 2015

Prototype 2

IMG_20150115_192833This is the prototype of more advanced device includes ESP2866, also has installed aboard 1wire DS18B20 temperature sensor, allows to realize independent scenarios to switch on/off of external load according to the ambient temperature. Instead of the temperature sensor other analog sensor (atmospheric pressure, water leakage, etc) can also be installed.

We have high expectations for this device, which must be claimed on the market due to the compact form factor and great opportunities for smart home automation.


16 Jan 2015

Start It Smart | Plovdiv

Today we are on meeting about  for StartUPs  in Plovdiv. In http://hackafe.org.


Божидар Бакалов, as one of the most important potential investors, spoke about his vision and conditions of works for startups.



14 Jan 2015


Held its first constituent assembly PlovdivHW group.

There are few projects. Meeting generated interest among the regulars hackafe.org.

Attended by all the most active members and participants interested in Hardwar Staff.

Result of PlovdiveHW meeting:

About our project Bracelet ESP






10 Jan 2015

HomeDevice on Olimex workshops


The director of Olimex Tsvetan Usunov talk about PCB technology. HomeDevice and RND PyLabs talk by Ignat you will see on video:


Olimex News:





Discussion on beer:

The representative HomeDevice and RND PayLabs Ignat discuss with the director of Olimex Tsvetan Usunov and experts from Bulgaria about emerging technologies.


19 Dec 2014

The first meeting with the first investor

On the basis of coworking center in Plovdiv \ Bulgaria – http://bizlabs.eu was shown the prototype of our new device.

After analyzing our business plan, european experts were made positive conclusion on the possibility of financing the project.

Bulgaria meeting

24 Nov 2014

The first our client with SmartCar in Spain \ Murcia

This pictures with installed the navigation system YeaMax CPC-0056A.

People are happy, good music system with GPS navigation for Android.

Customers are very satisfied. One of them is a famous singer and dancer in Murcia.

YeaMax site: http://yeamax.com/en/

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