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10 Jan 2015

HomeDevice on Olimex workshops


The director of Olimex Tsvetan Usunov talk about PCB technology. HomeDevice and RND PyLabs talk by Ignat you will see on video:


Olimex News:





Discussion on beer:

The representative HomeDevice and RND PayLabs Ignat discuss with the director of Olimex Tsvetan Usunov and experts from Bulgaria about emerging technologies.


19 Dec 2014

The first meeting with the first investor

On the basis of coworking center in Plovdiv \ Bulgaria – http://bizlabs.eu was shown the prototype of our new device.

After analyzing our business plan, european experts were made positive conclusion on the possibility of financing the project.

Bulgaria meeting

24 Nov 2014

The first our client with SmartCar in Spain \ Murcia

This pictures with installed the navigation system YeaMax CPC-0056A.

People are happy, good music system with GPS navigation for Android.

Customers are very satisfied. One of them is a famous singer and dancer in Murcia.

YeaMax site: http://yeamax.com/en/

06 Sep 2014

Remote management of home electronics and IoT, Lecturer Ignat Ignatov

A talk by Ignat Ignatov about full circle of IoT project creation (cloud, site, HW, SW, etc.).
JS app for VS or Raspberry Pi and Arduino: http://nodered.org/
Components: http://www.noo.com.by/sistema-noolite.html
Using cloud service with IP for free: https://cloud.lab.fi-ware.org/

Project: https://github.com/Ignat99
Ripple server: https://github.com/Ignat99/noolite-micropay
Noolite drivers: https://github.com/Ignat99/noolite
Python how to use MQTT


31 Aug 2014

How to get involved in YAPC::EU Granada 2015

Next year the YAPC::EU will take place in Granada (Spain) in early September, as you already probably know by now.

The organization team members are currently from Granada.pmMadrid.pm andBarcelona.pm, but we’d like to invite the Cloud Orga team that worked so well this year to get involved too. We plan to keep on using #yapceu channel on irc.perl.org for contact and co-ordination, but we have a Google group that you may want to join. The conversations on that list are mainly in Spanish but you are welcome to participate in English, if you prefer. Please, send a message to request an invitation to the list.

We’ll be posting news on this blog and twitter in order to keep you updated on our progress. Once we have the Act instance in production, we’ll publish most important news there too.

Cheers and see you in Granada!

25 Aug 2014

Video from YAPC:EU

Video from YAPC:EU from Friday, August 22nd till Sunday, August 24th in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria


02 Jun 2014

Minecraft files to download

2. Minecraft (Unpack to ./minecraft/versions)
The following links to plugins for installation on the server MC (our server: mc.homedevice.pro (
To run client use these command:
java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar SkaiaCraft_Launcher.jar

and for to runing server MQTT with Javascript

java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -classpath sc-mqtt.jar:craftbukit-1.11.2.jar org.bukkit.craftbukkit.Main

var mqtt = require('sc-mqtt');
// create a new client
var client = mqtt.client( 'tcp://test.mosquitto.org:1883', 'uniqueClientId' );
// connect to the broker
client.connect( { keepAliveInterval: 15 } );
// publish a message to the broker
client.publish( 'minecraft', 'loaded' );
// subscribe to messages on 'arduino' topic
client.subscribe( 'arduino' );
// do something when an incoming message arrives...
client.onMessageArrived( function( topic, message ) {
console.log( 'Message arrived: topic=' + topic + ', message=' + message );


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