04 Apr 2014
by sa

HackForGood this event which took place synchronously in 7 cities in Spain


More than 2 days the team worked on their projects. Our team has completed a pilot project for a new concept of micropayments for infrastructure development as residential premises and in general for the Smart City.

Project details can be found on Github :


It was an exciting 24 hours of programming. We managed to complete all that we had planned.

To us Join date Josep Romero Garcia and made an application on android XDK Intell . Ricardo Ponce Arcas helped operatovno changed remotely and configure the interface in this launcher .


As a result, in 24 hours we got all 5 serviceable parts of our project. In such a short time is not possible to polish user interfaces , so after the competition , we do not hurry this part .

We the jury awarded the Global Award Telefonica in the city of Barcelona.

Video from the event :

Photos tagged with # h4g:

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