A20-OLinuXino-LIME for Video stream

14 May 2015
by ignat

IMG_20150514_103048 IMG_20150514_103312

Only the best for the price and the performance and dimensions the professional equipment for our customers.


We tested the new cost-effective solution based on dual-core ARM processor A20. The price of this kit with pre-installed software and fully tuned account in the cloud – 200 Euro.

The maximum distance between the two cameras 10 meters.

Independent power from 3 to 11 hours, depending on the battery. No need battery charger. The charger is integrated into the device itself, which has a size smaller than a palm.


The high-performance camera with a microphone capable of delivering compressed video and mjpeg  and H.264 digital TV standard stream broadcasting at the same time.

The device has a pre-installed complete Debian GNU/Linux operating system, remote desktop VNC, Video play VLC, MPStream, GNUPlay. It is supported connection to HDMI or LCD screens.

GNU/Linux Debian images include the hardware encoding support for the cameras!


Ability to connect an external hard drive by SATA interface.

Available the kit with WiFi and one camera for mounting without wires or for covert surveillance.

Linux Industrial grade single board computer with GPIOs capable of operating at -25+85C.

All equipment is manufactured in European factories and comes with full documentation on open hardware and free open source software.

2-year warranty without damage from people.

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