24 Mar 2015
by ignat


RPi-UEXT is a T-shaped adapter board which provides interface between the popular Raspberry Pi board and Olimex UEXT modules.


Provides a way of connecting numerous OLIMEX-made modules – sensors, IO boards, timers, biofeedback boards, etc, with Raspberry Pi on hardware level. The board is suitable for breadbording (instead of soldering you can use jumper cables for the GPIO pins).


FEATURES Raspberry Pi interface connector Female UEXT connector = SPI + I2C + UART 7 GPIO signals available on male header SMD jumpers provided for swap of both chip enable Designed with breadboarding spacing in mind Dimensions: 60 x 53/10 mm (23.7 x 2.1/0.4″) Note that both the 26-pin RPi cable and the 10-pin UEXT are sold separately

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