22 Apr 2018
by ignat

Physics is needed to create technical devices that translate one type of matter into another. For example, various chemicals through the combustion reaction into heat for further transmission.

This is how internal combustion engines are constructed, which lead to the development of tanks, cars, river and sea vessels, helicopters and airplanes. This is the first horizontal graph in our system – thermostatics or static processes, the variable parameter in which is Time.

And geometric and topological structures which are physical devices of the engine type are reflected in the second horizontal graph – Resilience.

Together they form dynamic or periodic processes. So, for example, in each engine there is a shaft that rotates with a certain period.

Such important devices as a gyroscope and magnetic compass help many hundreds of years in navigating to the surface of the land without reference points. In particular for missiles and submarines. Physical quantities for these important devices are located in the third horizontal graph – Magnetostatics.

Processes in magneto-elastic systems are widely used to record acoustic signals. Ultrasounds help orientations in the dark to bats and dolphins. Submarines also use ultrasound instruments to determine targets and navigate in the dark.

Such systems as electric lighting, electric heaters, welding machines can just be symbolically described with the help of physical quantities from the fourth horizontal graph – Electrostatics.

The third and fourth graphs form – Electrodynamics, which describes such devices as telegraph, radio, television, electric motors, trolleys, electric cars, railway electric locomotives, electric milking machines, separators, incubators, cinematographers.

The next fifth horizontal graph is Slabostatika. These phenomena were first studied in Russia by I.V. Kurchatov for the purpose of creating a nuclear uranium-graphite reactor. Known works of Kurchatov in the field of Electro-Weak Interaction (Fourth and Fifth Count together).

Modern scientists offer many hypotheses based on the results of the study of the strong interaction of matter. Since all the results are indirect, it is possible to admit many different versions of theories. Often such theories are associated with the great unification of all laws into one general formula or mathematical theory. The sixth column – Strongstatics relies on the achievements of modern nuclear physics. Such a physical phenomenon as superfluidity is usually explained through a strong interaction.

The fifth and sixth graphs form a weakly-strong interaction or chromodynamics.

Our systems in Maincraft will consist of a set of blocks. On the contiguous faces physical processes can occur. A complete final finished physical structure will occupy exactly one block. Thus, for crafting three-dimensional machines, project Blue-print templates and a three-dimensional imagination, like those of modern engineers and artists, will be required.

A set of blocks that have a certain Form and physical properties (Physical laws).

As a result, some machines can get mobility, like Mobs.

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