How to setup Minecraft on your computer

22 Jun 2017
by sa

Simple instruction how to setup Minecraft client on the computer.

1 step

Install Java if it was not istalled previously:

Java installation (Windows, Linux, Mac)

2 step

Setup Minecraft (instruction for Windows)

  • Download Launcher Minecraft
  • Extract files to any directory
  • Run command line (Win + R)
  • Execute command java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar X:\PathToDir\SkaiaCraft_Launcher.jar
  • Enter user name then Save Username and Play!

  • Edit Profile, select Use latest version

  • Press Play, Select Multiplayer

  • Select Add server and enter Server name (Any) and Host name/IP address (

  • Press Done and Join added server

Enjoy! You’re in the Game!

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