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13 Jun 2017

AI MineCraft

We launched Minecraft server, where children can learn the Java programming language performing virtual teacher tests using code. If there are questions, the virtual character gives links to websites and textbooks.



10 Jun 2017


These robots can be controlled through our robot controllers and special interfaces in Minecraft.

23 Jan 2016


An example of ESP8266-EVB module for Arduino IDE.
We used the SPI interface for expandable LED 8×8 RGB matrix, connected to the microcontroller.


As product looks at the place of use. It is possible to add additional matrix to lengthen a creeping line.


11 Jan 2016

Novice Bio-robot Set

We have prepared a set of very sensitive sensors and better in quality and management capabilities. We can control not only the electric characteristics but chemical and biological.
With this set, you can connect directly  your home to your body.


Yes, it is possible to control some devices by the power of thought or electrical signals in the muscles of your body.




10 Dec 2015

OpenCPN for A20

We continue with yachts automation. For our device A20 , we make a package OpenCPN.

OpenCPN User Manual with pictures can be found here. Possible use that device by VNC Viewer with Android SmartPhone.

Right on our device you can placed detailed sea maps for all navigable waters.

This Chart-Plotter-Navigator for Yacht with the ability to connect the AIS. For this device, there plugin, which works with low-cost receiver to be connected to the antenna VHF.


08 Dec 2015

NodeRed and zyGrib apps

For our new customers, we have adapted our device a20 for the yacht. Now, it can not only manage multiple switch devices like ESP8266-EVB-BOX through the MQTT server, 2015-12-08_13.35.23

but also to download weather broadcast and predict marine weather around the world for 3 days ahead. 

05 Dec 2015

MQTT – server

We launched MQTT server for our customers in Germany.

The picture of our demonstration unit, which operates as a directly to unit (20-35m),  through a local WiFi internet and via global networks without changing the settings of the home routers, thanks to our new server MQTT.

We recommend the following management application:

MyMQTT and MQTT Client

The our MQTT server is available only for our customers.IMG_20151205_115303s

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